Laser Cutting and Productivity Go Hand-in-Hand at UDACO Industries

August 15, 2019

This high-performance machine cuts steel sheets up to one inch thick, which is especially useful for producing and assembling industrial equipment and for completing custom steel work for our customers.


Thanks to our laser cutter and our other departments (preparation, machining, welding, sandblasting and painting), we’ve added a supplementary service that expands on the solutions we’ve offered since 1985.


We’ve brought operations for most of our manufacturing projects under one roof, which helps save considerable time when working on every aspect of a project, from design to delivery. This improvement, along with our company’s culture of quick service, has enabled us to shorten our delivery times by at least two weeks.


“With our laser cutter, we’ve improved efficiency and productivity, which translates into better service for our customers. Purchasing this cutting-edge equipment is part of our plan for transitioning to Industry 4.0.”         

 - Caroline Baril, UDACO Industries General Manager


Five UDACO employees traveled to TRUMPF’s facilities near Boston for training on the laser cutter’s functions, from programming to maintenance, in order to continually optimize use of the machine.

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