Hats Off to the UDACO Industries LTD Team

December 19, 2019

At UDACO Industries, human resources play a strategic role and are among the leaders when it comes to tackling the company’s challenges.

 “The factory expansion work is going really well: we’ll be ready by spring 2020 thanks in large part to the team’s fantastic involvement and their hard work,” says Caroline Baril, UDACO Industries general manager.  She is grateful to the team for their deep commitment to the success of this project. As a reminder, the company is adding 7,000 sq. ft. to an existing 20,000 sq. ft. facility!

Ms. Baril continues, “Right from the beginning, we decided to continue our business and our production without interruption. To complete work on this scale, we had to reorganize the factory’s physical space quite a bit in a way that obviously isn’t exactly ideal. As you can imagine, we’re expanding the factory because business is booming. So, despite the disrupted work conditions, sales for the month of September 2019 were 20 percent higher than the same month last year! How could we not be proud of such results?! We didn’t decline any new contracts and were able to continue serving our customers well.

At UDACO, good human resources management gives the company an advantage over the competition. This is exactly why the Metal Manufacturing Alliance awarded UDACO its “Employer of Choice” certification to highlight the company’s best practices in human resources management. 

All of the external engineers and construction workers involved in building the factory’s new section stressed that the precision and quality of the metal structural pieces manufactured by the UDACO team made their work much easier. As usual, our team didn’t cut any corners!


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